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Growing up in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Tyler was skating soon after he learned to walk.

He enjoyed the outdoors and was always on the frozen track skating laps, stick handling, and teaching himself new moves.

Hockey was a natural fit for Tyler. He always had a drive inside of him and a want to always get better and be better than his peers.

"I would want to work harder anyone else to perfect my game," says Kennedy. 

As a teenager, Tyler was named Captain of the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds OHL team.

Then at just 20 years old, he moved to Wilkes Barre, PA, after being drafted by the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2004.

He spent six years in Pittsburgh and played a major part in Game 6 of the 2009 Stanley Cup Championship which led the team to victory. 

He went on to play in San Jose, Long Island, & New Jersey.

Kennedy unfortunately battled a few injuries during his last few years and

was forced to retire. 

With 9 years and over 500 games played in the NHL, Tyler is passionate about sharing his love for hockey and helping kids learn all the knowledge and experience he has gained through his professional career.

His days are now full of being a teacher of the game, along with being a husband and a father.

His wife Brandi, daughter Cookie, two sons, TK and Ozzy, have made a home in Pittsburgh, and his love for hockey fits perfectly in the City of Champions.



As a professional Ice Hockey Coach, I have become well-known and respected throughout the greater Pittsburgh area. After training with some of the greatest athletes in the world, I developed my own unique and effective teaching methods. I focus on getting your body and mind focused on the game and preparing you to compete against the best.

Based in the greater Pittsburgh area, I have been training athletes since my retirement. I am extremely passionate about being active, healthy, and developing the proper hockey techniques. I’m also extremely passionate about the game and ready to help my students improve theirs. I’ve been told I’m tough but understanding, and I give each player the individual guidance they need to exceed their potential.

It is very fulfilling to take everything I have learned, all the way to playing with the best players in world, working with the best coaches, organizations, and trainers - then bottling all of that up into my own Tyler Kennedy Hockey program for my students. I have so much to give to the youth hockey community. I want to push, guide, and teach kids to enjoy the game while fine tuning their technique and working from the bottom up. I give the necessary skills to improve your game. I believe in my program and I know it will create a more developed, complete player that will get them to where they want to be. 

I expect giving it your all, putting in the work, but to also knowing

how to HAVE FUN on the ice.

I hope to instill my passion in every player I work with. 

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